The directPacket Research Secure Internet Protocol Communications (IPC) platform is a turn-key solution which consists of a Secure IPC controller and an IPC router. These devices when used in conjunction with one another facilitate the simplified integration of an IP video and/or audio (VoIP) (SIP/H.323) network topology and provide a secure, robust and easily managed IP communications environment.  arrow


Secure IPC Controller  arrow

The IPC Controller is the hardened internet facing (WAN) master controller of the IP Communications Platform and Secure Endpoint Management System. The IPC Controller facilitates the secure transmission of IP video, audio (VoIP), and management data packets.

IPC Router  arrow

The IPC Router is the initiating (LAN) appliance within the Secure IPC Communications Platform and Secure Endpoint Management System. The IPC Router interfaces directly with IP video and audio (VoIP) (SIP/H.323) devices.

Secure Endpoint Manager (SEM)  arrow

The SEM is the initiating (LAN) appliance within the Secure Endpoint Management System. The SEM interfaces directly with third party management solutions and standalone management workstations to secure and facilitate a global management strategy.

Dedicated Versatile Network (DVN)  arrow

The DVN Server is positioned in the internet cloud, dircting all video, audio, and provisioning packet information through secure industry standard VPN connections to an established IPC community.

Dedicated Audio/Video Information Device (D.A/V.I.D.)™  arrow

D.A/V.I.D.™ provides high-definition video and content sharing for native protocols including SIP, H.323, and Microsoft Lync / Skype for Business in a seamless, scalable solution that meets your audio and video conferencing needs. D.A/V.I.D.™ can easily be integrated with your current infrastructure or it can become your entry into the directPacket solution environment with the integrated and patented Secure Traversal Navigation System (STNS)™ Technology.