Dedicated Versatile Network

DVN product PDF

The directPacket Research Dedicated Versatile Network System is a turn-key solution which consists of the Secure Dedicated Versatile Network (DVN) Server, Secure Endpoint Manager (SEM), Secure IPC Controller, and IPC Router. These devices, when used in conjunction with one another, facilitate the simplified integration of an IP video and/or audio (VoIP) network topology. The Dedicated Versatile Network System provides the basis of secure, robust and easily managed remote IP communications environment with a multitude of functionality.

Single Stream TCP port

  • Single stream TCP port (Default port 443, An alternate port may be selected)
  • Industry Standard VPN Connections
    • Security
      • AES 256 bit Encryption
      • MPPE
      • Encapsulated TLS/SSLv3 TCP only traffic
      • Block and restrict IP Address
      • Integrated Firewall functionality
      • Preserve confidentiality
      • Signaling and transmission validation
      • User and device authentication
      • Facilitate IP communications without bridging networks
    • Protocols
      • HTTP
      • HTTPS
      • FTP
      • TFTP
      • PPTP
      • SSH
      • TELNET
      • SNMP
      • RADIUS
      • LDAP
      • XMPP
      • PLCM-GAB
    • Application examples
      • Remote Education - Teacher / Student
      • Remote Telehealth - Doctors / Nurses
      • Remote Executives
      • Remote Workforce

The Secure Dedicated Versatile Network (DVN) Server is a hardened internet facing device with its own integrated firewall technology designed to defend itself in hostile environments. Its primary functions are to perform signaling and media validation and to provide the secure transmission of IP video, audio (SIP/H.323), and provisioning packets without modifying or impeding the integrity of such packets.

The Secure Dedicated Versatile Network (DVN) Server is positioned in the Internet Cloud and listens for secure connection requests from Industry Standard VPN clients. The communication between the IPC Controller and the Dedicated Versatile Network (DVN) Server is established via one single TCP (only)* TLS/SSLv3 AES 256 bit encrypted stream. The communication between the Dedicated Versatile Network (DVN) Server and a VPN client is established via industry standard VPN protocols. Once the link between the Dedicated Versatile Network (DVN) Server and a VPN client has been established, the solution then directs all video, audio and provisioning packet transmissions to The Secure IPC Controller which then disseminates those packets to their corresponding destination within the Secure IPC Community. The benefits of the Secure Dedicated Versatile Network System include:

  • Industry standard VPN connections
  • Additional security for transport
  • Additional security for signaling, media, and provisioning streams
  • Expand the reach of network communication
  • Non-bridged resolution of remote isolated and disparate networks
  • Firewall and NAT traversal.