About directPacket Research

Direct Packet Research develops voice and video infrastructure solutions designed to operate in single and multi-vendor network environments.  Unparalled hardware compatibility delivers advanced IP feature sets that complement existing network infrastructure and maximizes its ROI.

Direct Packet Research began development in 2003 with a specific R&D focus to develop solutions to resolve compatibility, security, and protocol issues that have hindered the proliferation of IP voice and video communication.

directPacket solutions deliver the critical components necessary for a successful IP communication implementation:

• Ease of Use Turn key appliance based solutions
• Security 256-bit AES encryption for voice and video
• Low Risk Migration Modular implementation of IP communication initiatives
• Current and Future Compatibility Feature rich solutions that are non-manufacturer specific (compatible with existing network infrastructure and protocols)

Breakthroughs in research and development and a commitment to customer service and support have driven the success of our company.  In an era when “unsurpassed customer service” is overused and under performed, we invite prospective clients to speak with our current customers and decide for themselves.”