IPC Controller


The Secure IPC Controller is a hardened internet facing device with its own integrated firewall technology designed to defend itself in hostile environments. Its primary functions are to perform signaling and media validation and to provide the secure transmission of IP video and audio (SIP/H.323) packets without modifying or impeding the integrity of such packets. The Secure IPC controller is positioned in the Internet Cloud and listens for secure connection requests from IPC routers.

SEM Platform

The communication between IPC controller and IPC router is established via one single TCP (only)* TLS/SSLv3 AES 256 bit encrypted stream. Since IP video and audio media packets are primarily UDP this single TCP porting technology is paramount when deploying an IP communication network in a security conscious environment where UDP traffic must be extremely limited or eradicated altogether. Once the secure link between the Secure IPC controller and an IPC router has been established the solutions then directs and disseminates all video and audio packet transmissions to their corresponding destination. The Secure IPC controller features an intelligent integrated H.323 gatekeeper and/or SIP registrar for providing seamless interoperability with a myriad of devices regardless of their native transport protocol version or requirements. The Secure IPC controller also acts as a management and update server for itself and IPC routers that are connected via the TLS/SSLv3 AES 256 bit encrypted stream.

The benefits to such a technology include but are not limited to: Providing centralized solution management Base and/or additional security for transport, signaling and media streams Expanded reach of network communication Preservation of confidential network information Non-bridged resolution of isolated and disparate networks Firewall and NAT traversal.

The STNS firewall traversal solution will route voice and video between disparate firewalled networks, often without the need to replace endpoints, routers, switches, PBX, or gateways.